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       To advance 3D technology at all levels of educational institutions.



       To be recognized as a global information leader in 3D technology for education.  Distinguished as a resource for innovation and collaboration for thought leadership in the industry.  



​        The International Consortium for 3D Technology (IC3DT) a nonprofit association whose mission is "to advance 3D technology in all levels of educational institutions." Membership is open to institutions of higher education, K-12 institutions and academies, non-profits and corporations serving the education technology market, and other related associations and organizations. The IC3DT was started in 2014 and currently has dozens of academies, K-12 school districts, proprietary schools, higher education colleges and universities, and non-profits and companies that serve the software and hardware marketplace. The consortium includes all sizes of institutions and large higher education universities and university systems. The events, journals and information are secure with members and the vision is "The world will see the next generation of 3D". The meeting and event venues include Universities, large conference centers, state facilities with University Systems and all type of educational districts, public and private schools, and third-party places of business. The population includes subject matter experts, technology providers and educators that are world-class PhDs, Research Scientists, Deans, Librarians, Professional Engineers, Company Principals, and educational institution Presidents, Provosts, Vice Presidents and Administrators with interests in 3D technology including printing, designing, scanning, and the software and hardware to be innovative for education and production.